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REMBE® at POWTECH 2019 - these are the highlights

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Accreditation of the REMBE® Research+Technology Center as an independent testing laboratory.

The REMBE® live demonstrations have been an integral part of the POWTECH for many years. The same applies to the key player Roland Bunse - an established figure in the world of Explosion Safety since the 1990s, who has been at REMBE® just as long, and has been head of the REMBE® Research+Technology Center GmbH for 2 years. With the accreditation as a testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025 the team around Roland Bunse the independence and professionalism appreciated by many customers was once again confirmed. In addition to the REMBE® Research+Technology Center, REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control will of course also be represented at POWTECH, but no longer in Hall 4 as before, but rather in the "new" Hall 5. At the booth 5-410, REMBE® engineers will be presenting a new non-return valve and the Q-Ball® E flameless venting device especially designed for elevator in addition to other selected products.

 Q-Flap RX™ non-return valve

The new Q-Flap RX™ non-return valve is a joint development between REMBE® and the Swiss company RICO. The Q-Flap RX™ is available up to DN 1250. The strict requirements of EN 16447 are mainly achieved through the very high strengths and flexible installation distances. This is made possible by the so-called swivel carriage principle. Isolation is essential for an effective Explosion Safety. No matter how much operators invest into (flameless) venting, if an isolation is missing the explosion can spread within the system and continue to propagate from one facility part to another.

Q Flap RX

Flameless pressure relief for elevators: Q-Ball® E

The Q-Ball® E, which is primarily designed for elevators, uses the principle of the contour-parallel relief developed by REMBE®. Thanks to the innovative design, the weight of the Q-Ball® is very low. While comparable products from other suppliers weigh between 100-200 kg, the Q-Ball® is an absolute lightweight with just 25-50 kg. This particularly facilitates the handling during assembly, as well as the requirements for an installation on the systems in the truest sense of the word.

Q Ball E H500

REMBE® Process Safety and REMBE® Kersting GmbH

At POWTECH 2019, the REMBE® Process Safety business unit will also be presenting various new products, including a non-invasive signalling system and a newly developed graphite rupture disc. In addition to the REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control with the business units Explosion Safety and Process Safety, as well as REMBE® Research+Technology GmbH, REMBE® Kersting GmbH will also participate at the POWTECH. A new, fully automatic sampling system will be presented, that is able to depict the entire process chain from the sample extraction in one part of the plant all the way up to the laboratory. In addition to inline sampling, REMBE® Kersting offers its customers products for flow measurements, and the silo weighing of bulk materials worldwide.

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