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Rupture disc for hygienically demanding processes.

KUB® clean

for aseptic operating conditions.

REMBE® KUB® clean
Reliable. German. Safety.

For applications with strict hygiene requirements.

KUB® clean raises the bar in the field of sanitary rupture discs: KUB® has a completely leak-tight and smooth design that guarantees perfect hygiene standards in sanitary applications.
Best feature: KUB® clean is simple to install in existing tri-clamp flange systems. It complies with all hygienic design requirements and is suitable for CIP and SIP applications. The unique construction of the KUB® with its totally smooth sealing membrane means that the rupture disc has no score lines, indentations or notches on the process side eliminating trapped product residues during production or cleaning cycles. The design of the KUB® clean together with the integrated gasket and direct installation into tri-clamp connectors results in a simple and extremely hygienic solution.
REMBE® KUB® clean with Accessoires

signalling devices

Automated processes use intelligent signalling systems to keep you informed at all times about the status of your entire plant and any faults that may arise. You can even install signalling devices for rupture discs that have already been installed.
  • Easy-to-replace, integrated clamp gasket (compliant with FDA- and USP Class VI).
  • Extremely robust design ensures a very long service life for shorter production downtime.
  • Broad range of pressures and nominal size possible.
  • Easy to install directly in tri-clamp flanges.
  • Fulfils all the requirements of hygienic design.
Technical data
Product parameters
Signalling available
Safety valve isolation
Non-fragmenting design
  • autoclaves
  • food production
  • isolation of safety valves
  • mixers
  • process vessels
  • reactors
  • spray dryers
  • sterile tanks / aseptic tanks
  • brewery
  • food
  • pharmaceutical industry
Process mediumSuitability
Gas | Steam
Liquid with gas cushion
Two phase flow
Hygienic applications
✓✓ recommended
✓ suitable
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Tobias Frigger and Winfried Göddecke, laser and KUB® specialists
"We use state-of-the-art laser machines to cut the buckling pins on the KUB®. This is followed by tests on the rupture discs. The KUB® is an absolute must for anyone wanting a good high-quality rupture disc – one that lasts and a disc which is robust, in particular."

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I will be happy to advise you about the most suitable rupture discs for your process. Individually, in detail and taking all relevant parameters into ­account.
Carina Wegener | CAE Engineer
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